SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition,a computer system for gathering and analying realtime data, was first used in 1960s.

It is used to monitor and control process in a plant or equipment in industries. A SCADA system gathers information and process parameters such as pressure, temperature, machine's load etc. in realtime and transfers the information back to a central console/site in a logical and organized fashion. These informations are particularly valuable to a manufacturing process control and it is a direct replacement to the conventional paper chart recorders.

Unlike the conventional recording system, data acquired could be viewed in various perpective for the best process control. The digital recording in the computer system is retrieveable for review and system improvement. The amount of traceable data depends on the storage capacity of computer Hard Disk, ranging from a year or more. In fact SCADA is an integrated part of ERP where it is introduced as below: -

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) comprises of a commercial software package that promises the seamless integration of all the information flowing through an organization - financial, accounting, human resources, production, supply chain and customer information ERP Systems provide information management and analysis to organizations.

ERP benefits:
  • on-line/real time information throughout all the functional areas of an organization
  • data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise
  • "best-practices" included in the applications
  • the efficiency they force an organization to undertake
  • the analysis and reporting that can be used for long term planning

    In implementation, ERP Systems include several basic features. They are installed on a Database Management System. Database platforms to chose from are: DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLBase, Sybase and MySQL. They require initial setup according to the organization's process. They may be customized according to the organization's process through the ERP's tool set. Workflow can be setup to automate approval processes through chains of command. Once installed, the user only enters data at one point, and the information is transferred through processes to other modules. Finally, the ERP System includes reporting tools for main reports as well as adhoc reporting.

    ERP systems, fundamentally, integrate the different processes necessary in a business into a centralized pool that facilitates data sharing and eliminates redundancy.

  • Information entered once into system
  • Forces use of "best practices"
  • Allows customization
  • Based on reliable file structure
  • Provides functionality to interact with other modules
  • Provides tools for adhoc inqueries

    PROWISE - The Open Source ERP

    Despite of the benefits as mentioned,ERP or even SCADA is too expensive a tool for most SMI (Small And Medium Industry). In Process Integrator (M) Sdn Bhd, we have developed a reduced scale ERP at an affordable price than its full-scale counterpart. With a serious commitment and focus on the production in Palm Oil Mill, we deliver our ERP covering the followings: -

  • Selected and essential data acquisition through the SCADA comprises of sterilization, pressing, boiler,clarification,stock inventory for oil & kernel storage and electrical power generation.
  • Weighing and a seamlessly integrated fruit grading system using wirelessly connected PDA.
  • Laboratory test and production report.
  • A post-audit system using surveillance camera system - a digital video recording.
  • A full set production management report besides the adhoc reporting.
  • Some typical samples of the same are found in our "Demo Site".

    PROWISE is delivered in a LINUX Box and it is also served as an ERP server. All data entry and data acquisition are performed through normal web browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, Konqueror or even Microsoft Internet Explorer). CGI scripts and JAVA applets are the bridging media for task.

    Other than the server which is delivered with the proposed system, the data entry and acquisition workstations could be computers that run on any operating system with internet browser. This flexibility in the choice of operating platform allows users to adhere to their favored operating system and re-training program is minimized.

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